The Music Venues of Burlington

BURLINGTON! A very unlikely place, it seems, for great music. However, there are a great number of places each night for a visitor to go and to experience the lively and exciting venues that exist. Simply walk into a bar, or search out a show and you are bound to find one happening every single night. If not, well...don't count me on that. After all I'm just a lowly freshman who is trying to succeed in this crazy world of web design, here at The University of Vermont! So PLEASE, take a look at my silly web site. I do hope you enjoy reading about the different histories of the more prominent music venues of Burlington. I know I had a fantastic time writing about them (and no that's not facetious)! There is tons to learn about each venue, each with its own specific feel and look, as well as many famous bands that have attended. If you doubt Burlington, just think of Phish and how they started right here at UVM! You can find bands like Phish and more at some of these venues, so please make sure to check them out! And remember...


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